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General FAQs.

Pick n Pay asap! is Pick n Pay's official on-demand grocery and liquor delivery app. It’s available for free on the Apple App Store, the Play Store & Hauwei App Gallery and it provides the easiest way to buy groceries in South Africa.

Download the Pick n Pay asap! app from the Apple App Store, the Play Store or Hauwei App Gallery. Login or register an account, set your address and start shopping. We will deliver your groceries asap!

Yes, we have recently re-named the app from Bottles to Pick n Pay asap! Same service - we just got a facelift!

Not at all. If you are already registered you can carry on using the same details as before.

Unfortunately not. You will need to register a separate account on the asap! app and website, however we are working on a better experience which will be available in the near future.

We serve most of Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, Bloemfontein and more. Please download the app and set your location in order to see whether we cover your area.
View a full list of areas we serve, here.

In order to be able to place an order on Pick n Pay asap! you must be 18 years or older (ID verification required), have a smartphone, a valid credit / debit card and reside within South Africa and in the areas in which we serve (see FAQ “Which areas does Pick n Pay asap! serve”).

Placing an order on Pick n Pay asap! is so easy. Step 1, set your location. It is super NB that your location is as accurate as possible to ensure speedy, accurate delivery. Step 2, pick the items you wish to purchase. Step 3, at checkout choose a payment method and ensure your details are correct. For safety reasons we might ask you to verify your details via your bank's portal. Once complete, place your order and your goodies will be delivered asap!

All orders are delivered asap! and the next available delivery time is shown in app before purchasing . Want to schedule a delivery or sign up for repeat orders? Head on over to for a wide range of groceries and more.

All asap! orders need to be 35 items or less. If you would like to place a larger order, please head on over to to schedule a delivery slot.

Pick n Pay asap! strives to get your order delivered fast and fresh in as little as 60 minutes from when you place your order. All Pick n Pay asap! orders have a 35 item limit so if you need to do a bigger shop, visit our website at to schedule a delivery. Please note: delivery times are subject to store operating hours and other variables such as time of day and traffic conditions.

Unfortunately, we do not offer collection at present, however this is available via our website. Schedule larger orders for delivery or collection via

You can order all your groceries from asap! You can shop over 10,000 products including liquor, fresh produce, snacks, food cupboard items, freezer products and much more (subject to stock availability of the closest Pick n Pay stores in your area). Please note: Pick n Pay asap! has a 35 item limit for all orders. Need to do a bigger shop? Visit for scheduled deliveries and repeat orders.

Our operating hours are as per your local Pick n Pay store. In most areas we serve 07:00am-6:30pm Mon-Sat, and 07:00am-6:00pm on a Sunday. However, in some areas we unfortunately close a little earlier.

Order Enquiries.

Unfortunately you cannot add items to an order after it is submitted. However, if items you ordered are out of stock, you will be able to select replacements in the app

Unfortunately, orders are sometimes delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. Please reach out to us via the app (in app chat), call line (0860303030, option 3) or email ( and we will keep you updated on the progress of your order.

We are able to cancel your order as long as the order is still busy being prepared by the store and has not been invoiced / collected by the driver. If the order has been invoiced and or collected by the driver, we will not be able to cancel and we will need to initiate the returns process. As per our returns policy, all products need to be returned in the same condition as received, and there may be a reverse logistics fee deducted. Please review our returns policy for more details on our website.

This seldom happens, however when it does we are more than happy to ensure you get the correct order, whilst our driver collects the incorrect order. Please call us asap if this does occur so we can help rectify.

This seldom happens, however when it does we are more than happy help. We will either refund you in full for the missing items or, if possible, we will arrange a new-delivery. Please call us asap if this does occur so we can help rectify.

This seldom happens, however when it does please call us asap so we can call the driver to rectify.

This seldom happens, however when it does please call us asap so we can either call the driver to rectify, or assess the location to which it was delivered and if in an area to far away from your address, cancel the order and refund you accordingly.

This is unfortunately not possible. Please contact our customer service team to cancel your current order and place another order with the correct address.

Yes, you are able to track your order via the app and as soon as the driver has picked up the order, you will be able to track your delivery in real time. You will also be able to contact the Pick n Pay asap! customer service team directly via in-app chat for any updates. Please note that not all drivers are able to be tracked so this might not be available at all times.

Once you have added items to your cart and are ready to checkout, you will need to follow these easy steps: 1) confirm delivery address and add any delivery notes. 2) make payment. If payment is successful, you will get a confirmation and land on the "order in progress screen" as well as receive a receipt for your order. If your payment fails or any other issues occur, you will be redirected to your cart and shown an error message for the order placed.

Please note that we try our best to get your order to you asap! however sometimes due to circumstances out of our control orders are delayed. Although we do strive to process and deliver your order in as little as 60 minutes, we are a same-day delivery service, so please bear with us.

If this happens we are more than happy to give you a full refund for the damaged item/items. Please take a photo of the damaged item and send it onto so we can rectify.

If this happens we are more than happy to give you a full refund for the missing item/items. Please email a list of missing items to so we can rectify.

Account Settings.

You can reset your password from the app. Please click on forgot password and follow the prompts to reset your password. If you are stll having issues, please contact our call centre and we will help resolve this for you.

If you wish to update your details please either contact the call centre or email us with your request to

You can view your order history via the app. Click the menu in the top left corner of the app and click 'Order history'.

From the app, click on the main menu in the top left and click on 'Edit Account'. From here you can delete your account by pressing 'delete user.'

Yes of course! Pick n Pay asap! uses state-of-the-art encryption systems to securely store your payment info. We do not have direct access to your payment information and none of your credit card information is ever stored on our servers.


You can update your card details in 2 ways: 1) By clicking on the main menu and then on payments, you are able to add a new card. 2) You can also do this as part of the ordering process. Once you have confirmed your address and cart, you can add a new card before placing the order.

At present, we only allow for one active card at a time. We are working on allowing multiple cards and payment methods and should hopefully launch this in the near future.

If this does occur, please contact us asap! We will investigate as to why this has happened and rectify the issue asap!

Pick n Pay asap! is a cashless delivery service. We accept card payments from debit, cheque and credit cards.


There are several costs associated with online ordering and thus we require a minimum order value in order to make the processing of the order a priority.

We charge a standard delivery of R35.


There are two types of refunds - automatically generated refunds that are either due to an unsubstituted item/removed item or cancellation OR manual refunds which occur once you have informed us of either a missing items or damaged item.

Should you require a refund in any form, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will gladly refund you accordingly, and ensure you get your money back. Sometimes we do encounter bank-related issues which could elongate the process - please bear with us whilst we sort this out.

It usually takes 3-10 working days to reflect on your bank statement. The refund transaction appears next to the original transaction and not at the top of the statement. Where the acquiring and issuing banks are the same, this shortens the time frame, however, we have experienced longer periods on occasion, specifically given the current situation where Covid-19 has a global impact on staff availability.

Promo Codes.

Promo codes offer you a discount on your order. You can enter a promo code from the checkout screen by clicking on promo codes and entering the code you received.

asap! promo codes are applicable for the app only, unless specified.


You can refer friends to Pick n Pay asap! by sharing your unique referral code from the app. Simply go to the main menu, click on "Get R50 off" and share your code directly from the app to your friends and family via Whatsapp. Your friends will get R50 off their first order, and once they have laced an order, you will get R50 deducted from your next order.

PnP asap! Delivery Partner/s.

Please email us at or call us on 0871584690.


You can tip your driver via the app on the details screen OR you are welcome to tip the driver in cash directly. 100% of all tips go to the driver

Updated Policies and Terms & Conditions

You can access these from Our Website OR Pick n Pay's Website.